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    Your phone needs its rest, too.


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    Finally here.

    Think about it - the crazy amount of work that your phone does.


    Every. Single. Day.


    Bug Bed gives your phone its well deserved, restful night of sleep after a full day of hard, draining work.


    And you may benefit from this as well.

  • What is a Bug Bed?

    It's more than just a tiny wooden bed. It's a life saver.

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    No Bug Beds on your nightstand!

    Your phone needs a Bug Bed. And a Bug Bed needs its own bedroom. Any space other than your own bedroom will do. Inside a book case. On a shelf. Maybe in the bathroom? Or in a closet. As long as it is not your own bedroom.

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    Sleep separately

    Before you go to bed, make sure to do one more check of your phone. You will not be seeing each other for quite some hours! Maybe send that last email. Or Google that one question you still had. Then: tuck in your phone under it's cosy Bug Bed cover. And wish it good night.

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    Wake up separately

    So this is actually a pretty tough part. Because how will you wake up without a phone-alarm-clock?! Luckily, this is a known problem, and can be solved in various ways. Some ways are more complex than others. Buying an alarm clock is probably a good call.

  • What's in it for me?

    It is still a bit puzzling why, but amazing things happen to people who got their phone its own little bed.

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    Sleep deeper

    Maybe our brains don’t confuse night with day anymore when less screen light falls in our eyes?

    Maybe the absence of midnight texts helps us to stay more relaxed and calm?


    We have no clue. But deeper sleep is coming your way.

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    Recall your dreams

    While slowly waking up, dreams need a couple of minutes to move from dream-land to our full awareness.

    We hypothesize that checking Facebook disrupts that process.


    Dreams are often more amazing than Facebook status updates. Don't miss out!


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    Love it!

    For people who share their bed with a human bed-partner: Bug Bed significantly improved their love life. We are conducting interviews to discover the exact reasons for this.


    Maybe, without a phone in bed, attention for each other increases?

  • How do I get one?

    You will need to prepare for this.

    Step 1.

    Identify a phone


    Do you check Whatsapp before saying good morning to your bed partner?

    Your phone may need a Bug Bed.


    But maybe it's your friend's phone, or your coworker's or neighbor's phone that you desperately want to get a Bug Bed for.

    Step 2.

    Send us an order


    Write us a note with your preferences, using the order form below.

    Think about the following options: what color for the cover? Do you want to personalize the Bug Bed? For example with initials in the blanket or on the headboard?

    Let us know any wishes you may have, we are happy to accommodate!

    Step 3.

    Be prepared


    Each Bug Bed is made to order, and shipped by postal service. So it may take some weeks before you receive your Bug Bed. This time can be used to mentally and practically prepare for not having a phone near your own bed.

    You may want to buy an alarm clock.

    Or buy a good book to read in bed.

    Or start a dream-journal.

    Step 4.

    Assemble & Enjoy


     All Bug Beds can easily be assembled at home without the need for tools.


    Make sure to find it its own bedroom. A Bug Bed can not be in your bedroom!


    Tuck it in. Sing your phone a little lullaby. And then enjoy a long and undisturbed night of sleep.

  • Order Form

    Please fill out the following form. Let us know any wishes, for example about color and personalization!

  • Our Story

    In the Netherlands you would call this 'een uit de hand gelopen grap'.



    Bug Beds are home- and hand-made in the south of the Netherlands. The design, the wood working, the crocheting, the pictures, the website, all of it is done by one big, chaotic, haphazard, fun mix of input from sisters, brother in laws, parents, husbands, stepfamily, etcetc.



    Handcrafted quality

    Each and every Bug Bed frame is hand-made in the wood shop. They are made of pine wood, and are about 17.5cm (6.8 inch) long, and 19.5cm (7.7 inch) wide for double-phone beds, and 10cm (3.9 inch) for the single-phone beds.


    Cosy, colorful covers

    The gorgeous colored blankets are a hand crocheted product, made by the talented Esther who is behind the very cute BE-ESSIE brand.

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